Clap Your Hands Altogether

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    Clap Your Hands Altogether Now The Banjo's Back In Town

    Don Van Palthe - Plectrum Banjo
    Charlie Khederian - Tenor Banjo

    • The Banjo's Back In Town
    • Midnight In Moscow
    • If My Friends Could See Me Now
    • Stardust
    • Home
    • Cherokee
    • Strike Up The Band
    • Nobody's Sweetheart Now
    • Speak Softly Love
    • Some Of These Days
    • Under The Double Eagle

    "Clap Your Hands Altogether Now, The Banjo's Back In Town" is the first tune on this CD and also the title, or "Clap Your Hands . . . " for short!

    Charlie Khederian joined me on this CD. Let me tell you something about Charlie. He was a master of the tenor banjo. His specialty was being able to play just the right harmony line when he was accompanying you. Charlie was extremely popular at all the banjo conventions because every player knew that Charlie's harmony would make them sound exceptional!

    Charlie and I played together at many banjo conventions and we both realized that the music we made together was very special. So when Charlie agreed to join me on the "Clap Your Hands . . . " recording session, I was overjoyed!

    During our recording session it was typical "Charlie" when I'd suggest a chord and he'd mumble, "Just play the notes Don and I'll come up with the harmony, don't worry about it!"

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